Sunday, 20 January 2013

Write Me Some Words

Let's talk about inspiration. I have a couple Australian female role models that I am a true fan of. Not in the crazed One Direction like manner that I subject toward Harry Styles, but in the way that after reading a piece of their work (these role models write words and stuff) I literally am overcome with awe at the talent and articulate(nessness) these women possess. I sit and just ponder how I could emulate more of their style in my work.

Recently I discovered a new blog, Life and other Crises by Kerri Sackville and if you are not yet familiar with this blog- get on over to her page now! These blog posts are delivered by the sweet internet postal gods (I imagine them to look alot like flying Postman Pat's) direct to my inbox and are 1 out of a daily 50 emails that I purposefully scroll through my inbox to read before anything else.

Last week I enrolled in a short course from the Australian Writers Centre, called from Blog to Book. I signed up to the class with the intent to see if I could inspire some confidence toward my bucket list ambition to write a book one day. Baby steps, as at this newborn blogger stage of life, I am still in the early days of delivery and discovery and enjoying the creative outlet that is Small Things Quirky. That was my 'intent'. However I also (fully tabouli) signed up because after only a mere month of reading Kerri's blog, I HAD to meet this woman and drink in every single word she had to say.

Similar to my other wordy idols Chrissie Swan, Zoe Foster and Jessica Rudd; I love the wit, the dry sense of humour, and self deprecating way of looking at life that Kerri includes in her writing. I was that student sitting upright, gazing admiringly and getting annoyed when fellow classmates interrupted her speaking as it took away precious minutes of my idol's wisdom for me to furiously write down (six pages of notes in total)!

Now initially I was tempted to jot down some of her advice here, but then I thought, pfft that shit cray (Kanye), keep it to yourself and let the people flock to Kerri to find out for themselves! One point I want to illustrate however, is that for a best selling Australian writer to be successful, they must sell around anything over 10 000 copies of their book- is that not insane and so tiny of a number! Why are we not reading more?

Another point I loved was Keep It Witty, Be Interesting and Be Newsworthy- or as I like to call it KIWBIBN (pronounced kee-wib-bib-ben).

Without sounding like a tribute to Kerri (it is), she also has two books that I ordered the day after her class because I NEED to read more of her! You can find When My Husband Does the Dishes and The Little Book of Anxiety over here or here (or anywhere else that sells books and stocks her books).

What she taught me was priceless and I can see myself doing the course again just to get round two of knowledge I may have missed, and in my future blog-reer (I'm pioneering a new word for blog career, like it) I can only hope that through practice, interest and content that engages, I can deliver to the standard and witty quality that is like my fabulous fearless role models. THAT, or else I will just maybe try my luck at finger painting- its like the internet except less interactive.