Tuesday, 3 December 2013

For The Love of Money

Lets talk money. I love it, you love it, we all love it.

Now what about when you are 'dating' someone, how much do you love it then?

For me personally, I always offer to pay when (in the very rare instance) I am out with a male. In my mind I tend to think, well we both work and we are both here so we can both pay. HOWEVER in saying that, it does become tricky when said male just LETS you pay. The voice in your head then says 'Nooooo! I was totally hoping I wouldn't so I can buy that new dress tomozzles'. Food vs imagined new wardrobe can cause stressors in a chickos life. Funny isn't it?

I dated a guy once who was such a dollar whore. We would be out and it would come to paying and he had three sweet and reliable maneuvers he would pull:

1. Read the bill, break it down and casually inform me 'oh just put in $43 for you then'
2. Say no no I got this. I would melt and thank him and feel like such a chuffed dame. Until then at our next venture, the bill would arrive and he would look at me pointedly and say 'did you wanna get this one?'
3. Take my fake offer of a pineapple with no protest and quietly put it down to pay with...

Umm hello gentlemen of The Shire, when your lady date lays down a fiddy - it's a fake move ALWAYS a fake move. No lady wants to pay a sweet yellow on a first date, she is PRETENDING!! This is a trick to see how white knight on a horse you can be. Everyone knows a fiddy is too much, and too awkward of a note to have to try and break down - hence why a dame offers it up in the first place, as one doth know the fiddy will be shortly returned to her wallet for further use toward pretty garments.

Going forward should a lady offer you her highest bill, politely decline and if she persists then come to an arrangement. I am more than happy to pay my fair share on a recurring dating stretch but on the first date this is a no no. A young lad needs to woo a girl and make her feel worth being paid for, particularly when dining in The Shire when the bill total would rarely go over $50 anyway!

Another time when I was on THE WORST DATE EVER (read: another post for another day), it was the opposite scenario where I almost got in fisticuffs with said date over a bottle of water! (I feel the need to add here he was of Croatian heritage and hence had a very fiery Croatian passion). He had paid for dinner and took me for ice cream, all very lovely and at the ice cream shop I felt abit parched so grabbed a water from the fridge to buy myself, which little did I know was to be the start of a showdown between me and date. The poor awkward server girl watched on, as we politely but firmly had our first fight (that went for a ridiculously long period) over who pays for the water. For the water for the love of money!!

Or how about the time I went to lunch with a colleague (read: Non date scenario) and he got up to pay and returning to the table, I thanked him for lunch to which he looked shocked at my assumption he had just paid for both us! Can I get a hashtag awkward??

What are your thoughts on the  Australian Dollar? Needeth the lady pay on the first courting or shall the knight lay down the coin?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Rollercoasting Changes

Lately I have been trapped in an amusement park that is my life. As a wise man (Ronan Keating) once said (sang) 'life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it'...and holy moly am I riding it.

I feel as if the emotions I have been dealing with of late have me on a rollercoaster that unfortunately is dipping and dropping and spinning around and I'm waiting for the slow climb back up.

My career is whooping my ass at the moment and although it is one of the most important things in my life, I feel like the ride has whipped the ground out from under me. I can't keep up, sapped of all energy and without a moment spare to even attempt to shine bright like a diamond (Rihanna) and be good at what I do. Feeling like I've taken two steps forward, ten steps back, flying by the seat of my pants instead, and none of it in my control. Losing my confidence all because time won't permit some self love and nourishment. If the ride could just get to the top and stop if only to give me a minute to catch my breath. The winds are bringing change with it and my lacklustre acceptance toward changes in my life means that I am also struggling to embrace what the unknown holds for me. Instead, I am focusing on what I am losing, not what I could be gaining.

I do that sometimes, (often) I live in my past and worry that I don't know what my future holds. I yearn for what I have lost, rather than be content with what I now have.

In other life news, God I am angry. I have so much anger and I don't know where to direct it. Again, change comes beyond my control over something long ago dealt with and boy am I struggling. If I were a ice-cream sundae then I certainly have been dressed with multiple cherries on top. When change happens, and you can't control it- how do you process it? Hurt and hatred combine like powers of the Captain Planet team (oddly enough, not my first Captain Planet reference on this blog). I am lost in my extreme feelings of anger because they are almost drowned by helplessness. Smothered by absolutely no clue as to what path to take next, what step to take forward and leave the past where it belongs AND do it all with acceptance and peace. I am empty, lost and angry, and have nowhere to offload it.

This post may sound sad but it's not. I started with a quote from Ronan for goodness sake, that is pure joy in itself! I am just overwhlemed by life and feelings and I can't get off the ride to stop the dizzy. Of course, I have my seatbelt and vomit bucket (friends) but I just want to sit down with some fries and watch the show. Instead I'm stuck on the bloody rollercoaster!

Have you ever felt like you were on a ride and couldn't get off? Or did you go and play it safe with the moving clowns heads instead?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Happy Birthday

I love birthdays. I am currently experiencing my one for the year 2013 and I am in love. With my birthday.

I honestly dread the day that comes when I don't love my birthday. I hope it never happens. I don't understand those people that cringe when their birthday is approaching. The people who don't want to celebrate it or say oh its just another day. I feel sorry that they want to just let it slide past uneventfully. Um no its not just another day, its your BIRTHDAY!!

I feel we should all take the time, (it only comes around once a year!) to enjoy the fact that this is your day, a whole day (or month if you're me) about you. Where your family and friends celebrate and give thanks and gratitude to YOU. It may sound silly but I love celebrating birthdays, not strictly just mine, I love making someone feel special and putting thought into a gift, a party or just words in a card. Yes you may share this date with millions of others around the world but it is special because it is YOUR date.

Don't look at it as a pain or another dreaded day to be swept under the rug, look at it as a moment to take stock of your life, who and what is in it. For me, I treat each birthday like New Years Eve, its a second chance to take a minute to appreciate everything around me and to reassess my path I am on and what direction I want to go. A time to show appreciation for whoevers special day it is, as we all know we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and often forget to be appreciative of people in our life. Treat birthdays as a reminder to show thanks for that person. I may look silly getting so excited over my birthday, it may be viewed as immature but it makes me happy, feel GOOD, invigorated and super excited- how can that be silly? It's a breathe of fresh air as another year passes. Time to reflect and be grateful for life. And to celebrate ME!

Why the hell wouldn't you? x

Monday, 12 August 2013

In Da Clubz

I went out on the weekend which is a becoming a more rare experience each month. As a creature of habit I find my guilty pleasure lies in staying in, having a nice dins with the rents and being in bed early. Dont worry, I'm seeking help for this addiction. Anyways, I discovered a few pet hates from the clubzzz* that I wish to share with you:

#1 When guys dance with you and put their hands on your hips to move you. No thanks, I may dance like an awkward white gurl but you trying to steer this ship makes me move even more stiffer than an ironing board.

#2 Girls in the toilets. What makes going to da clubz suddenly extend your bladder emptying experience to four times the length? We all know that waiting in the line is a bitch so why not respect the sistahood and get in and out in an efficient space of time?

#3 Dancefloor pickup lines. A boy smiled at me and squeaked said "you are just soo cute!!". Thanks, you have just ever so smoothly taken me from thinking I was semi pleasing to look at to now having made me feel like I am a small novelty kitten, now boys come at me! WTF

#4 Taxis. Job description: to pick up one roadside human and deliver them to the safety of their home. Repeat. Why on earth do they all drive by you so it becomes a lucky dip when a cab finally stops to get you? If there is no one in your car, this means you are free...to DO YOUR JOB!

#5 Age. Few people asked how old I was as I was out for a birthday outing (mine). And by people, I mean small children. Small male children. Clearly all my own age bracket were at home tucked up in bed doing the sensible thing. These children then proceeded to die in shock horror surprised by the fact, that I could actually be their older sister/babysitter as opposed to their winning catch for the evening. Eww save me the trauma of their fresh baby faces!

#6 Stage 10 clingers. Or as I like to call them, pillars. They all stand around the outskirts of the dancefloor just watching. Everytime you accidentally glance that way, oop there they are! Maybe I'm being paranoid...no, no there they are again. Creeeeppppyyy

#7 When the DJ slows the music to a dead beat. How awkward is it when you're all Britney Bitch on the dancefloor then Mister Music does some weird morph of the beatz and you go from fist pumping to slow motion still, accompanied by nervous giggle and looking around challenging anyone to do something different. When the people are moving keep the music moving!

#8 Boys Dancing. This isn't a pet hate at all. I revert to #6 and admit I too become a pillar when there is a guy who knows how to dance. I love it, so fascinating and hot. I am partial to watching someone shuffle and even more partial when an everyday type of street fella walks in all So You Think You Can Dance, busts out and just owns the space, then struts off like 'whatevs yeah I just did that'. But if he dares puts those hands on my hips the magic dies and I become a pillar in all senses of the word. Sigh..

#9 Compliments. I had a Gatsby dress theme just for shits because who doesn't love a dress up? However I was regularly stopped to be complimented on my outfit, which was really really lovely. Besides the fact our modern culture meant that majority of my public complimeters confused the term 'flapper' for 'slapper'. Slapper it is!

Contrary to how this post sounds I actually had a really fun night and could be easily persuaded to do it again! (in another years time- let's not get too carried away)

* saying clubzzz makes me feel cool

Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Politics of Inspiration

Look I will begin this post with full disclaimers in that by no means do I pretend to write with a voice that has any reputable grounding whatsoever in the world that is politics. But with recent events having come to light the past week in Australian politics, it has triggered a response I felt the need to write about.

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard was bumped by Kevin 07 to take back the top seat in the job (long story short). What affected me more was the post fallout response in the world of blogging. It is it fair to say a mass amount of female writers instantly jumped on the feminist bandwagon and cried out in uproar, too easily playing the jaded woman card. Women writers that I aspire to be like, that I read and am inspired by daily suddenly irritated me with the big 'who ha' over how since we have lost a female role model, what will happen to all the little girls of the world now that the only female reign of power has ceased?

See I think that's incorrect. It was wonderful to see the world progress to a position that could have a female leading the country- purely because it was a first. But from what I know, she wasn't doing a fabulous job and lost her footing to have yes, a man come back to take the rightful role. Why, are the women of Oz all in a rage that now the future generations suddenly have no role model? Who follows a role model that simply, was not doing a great job? It is all well and good to hold the title of a very powerful job- but if you are not getting the job done then existing in that role in the wrong ways is hardly something to aspire to. 

Personally, (and remember this post is entirely my personal opinion-someone who does not know liberal from labour) I think role models are an amazing thing, and if you are seeking for that extra zest in your life to encourage you to reach your dreams - you seek out a role model that helps you get there. Which could be the checkout girl at Kmart, a male writer, it could be a female colleague, a male public personality, it could be a pop star and it could be a female politician. Regardless of your hopes and dreams if you find someone to inspire you, then they will still do that. I don't believe just because a women no longer leads this country that now all future women will fall to pieces without such a public figure to look up to. I find it a little ye olde that we still feel the need to so publicly bang on and fight this battle of mars vs venus. If someone is right for the job, and will get the job done successfully then so be it. I don't think that we suddenly need to strive to have females hold all the top roles in the universe just so the rest of us sistahs can have something to 'aspire' to.

For me, I have multiple role models in both the female and male form from a BROAD range of skills that inspire me daily. Roxy Jacenko, Zoe Foster Blake, Gala Darling, Asher Keddie, Jessica Rudd, Kerri Sackville, My Mum, my three female cousins, and my female team mates at work.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4

 + Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, My Dad, My Uncle, many male bosses/colleagues I've had, Ian Kenny, Dave Hosking and many, many male musicians that inspire me with just one lyric of their music.

1 /2 /3 /4

I think it's wrong that we are sending out the message to the little girls of disappointment, of resenting men, of 'oh that's a pity now we no longer have a female prime minister all the dreams shall die out a little all simply because a man leads the way instead of a female'. Why should it be any different based on gender? As long as we are striving for equality across then genders then if a little girl has the dream to one day lead the country - then that dream should exist and be inspired by the people who have reached that role, who get the job done successfully. Not rest on the ideal of waiting to see a female get there first, that you could only ever achieve your goal if another female gets there first.

Go out on your own, find your own role model in any way, shape, form or sex. Find the magic in whatever it is that lights the spark within you to motivate you to make the most of your life and be the best at what you do. Don't wait for a public figure to set the tone for what you can achieve. Maybe the power a male holds in a certain role could inspire you to get that for yourself?

If equality is to be reached then step out and achieve what makes you feel powerful and great at life- don't wait to be led into your dream, jump into it headfirst yourself!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Under the Weather

I fell sick this weekend. It all began with a husky voice that developed on Thursday, I kinda liked it. Come Friday the 'black lung' cough began, just the one exertion that triggered every 15 minutes, and worsened at times it would be awkward to cough i.e in business meetings and on train. Saturday I was feeling run down and struggling with feeling the effects of a very busy past two months. Sunday brought with it the blocked nose and the need for bed rest and today I am bed bound, powering through the tissues and too weak to do anything.

It's funny how when you are sick the true patient reveals itself. You generally hit your rock bottom, where the top is strong and rational, and the bottom is victim of the decade. I've heard text messages go off and its taken me an hour before I work up the energy to pick up phone from right next to me and reply. I've looked at my bookcase, just staring wondering what I might read next should I ever be able to walk over to it and select a book. I've attempted to clean out my gmail by embracing the time to go through each mail yet getting bored after the first line of every blog post/promotion and deleting it anyways. I can't sleep as I feel unproductive. I've planned out my entire return to work with what will need to be tackled first. I've envisioned my next run at the gym. I can't be bothered getting up to go to the toilet so I have been surviving by tipping a droplet of water into my mouth every few minutes. My lips are cracked and dry but God knows how far away the relief of a good lip gloss could be. I'd like some fresh air but that's also outside of my bedroom. I'm abit hungry but food is downstairs.

So on and so forth.

It's funny how we can't relax when our body calls for it. Whilst I've been in bed all day guilt has hovered over me,with missing work and getting caught behind in my workload, with not having kept up with my blog lately, guilt over the magazines that come into the house yet none get read- they pile up resembling a new IKEA bedside table! Watching the time pass and then feeling more guilty for not having stopped and tried to enjoy the rest that my body has been crying out for. Vicious cycle anyone?

When my health returns *said with one hand resting frailly across forehead* I wish to come up with  some structure and plans to look forward to, to invest in my own  health and well-being and to make the most of my time to not get caught up in it all. Stay inspired and motivated. Care along the way will prevent a sick day! (hey-look at that, girl can write catchphrase rhyme when on deathbed!)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Finding Ones Feet

I need a hug. I say that hesitantly so as to ward off my 'funnier' friends (you all know who you are you giant jokers) who will all take that as a sign to envelope me in cud cuds. That is not what I am after. I am still awkward and seize up like a corpse when loving arms are wrapped around me. I almost, and this is odd, but I almost want to give someone a cud cud. I won't though.

(Me every time)

The thing about being a single twenty something, is that you have to strike a balance between being happy and independent, and yet also needing others in your life to be dependable as that's what you have. The value in having another another half (a luffer if you wish) is that you always have someone on your team. When all around you people are in couples, they are all these teams you are up against as a solo player. That's where family and friends come into play as essentially they are your team mates. These players are 'your person' (said Yang to Grey), so when you are sad, mad or bad (said Dr Seuss) , they are the ones you turn to, to get you back out on the field again. 

In saying that, there are times when not everyone is on your team. You can turn to them for advice, support or a cud cud and they are singing a different tune. In the end, when you are not getting what you need from your team, as a single twenty something it is very easy to stray down the path of confusion, in wishing, missing wishing for strawberry kisses (said Nikki Webster) and craving to have that other soul half in your life, just so you have that stability of a in good times or bad support system- happy wife, happy life.

(I hate Swifty but she has hit the nail on the head for this one)

The past year I have gone through a transition where I have very much had a security blanket of always coming home to my two supporting team mates and finding every solution to every problem in a giggle with them. If I had a bad day the cure would be some treatment from my sistahs and all would be ok again. Yet life as I knew it, had to change, the fast pace of growing up sweeping our little nest off the branch and now I find I can feel lost, dealing with being the eldest sister who lives at home, while Khloe has left, struck a Beyonce level of independence and very much grown into her own life, and Kourtney is living the life of a serious loved up lover/late teen busy busy busy on her own. As much as you depend on others in your life, there is also a natural urge to feel like others still need you as well. All while this happens I am still.

The twenty somethings are all about growing and finding yourself. I think constantly having your constants turn upside down is all for a reason, and I believe that you need to learn how to first and foremost manage on your own, as things change around you and often move away from the comfort you had come to depend on. This isn't necessarily bad, as much as I crave the old days there is no point living in the past and I am proud that I am the keeper of two younger, independent models in my life-but it is hard, to work out the next step for myself and be my own cheerleader. I can't control how relationships/friendships change, nor can I control what I get out of them but I can control what I do next. It can be hard to find ones feet when you feel abit angsty (a la Swifty style), like the players just don't get you anymore but rather than be wounded by this need for approval find solace in the fact that:

Home is where the magic happens. Home can change.  Home grows. At the end of the day the memories stay in the Home. Home is wherever I'm with you.

A song for the story: 

Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma & Pa 
Not the way that I do love you 

Holy Moley, Me-oh-My, you're the apple of my eye 
Girl, I've never loved one like you 

Man, oh man, you're my best friend, 
I scream it to the nothingness 
There ain't nothin' that I need 

Well, hot & heavy, pumpkin pie, 
chocolate candy, Jesus Christ 
There ain't nothin' please me more than you 

Ahh, Home 
Let me come Home 
Home is wherever I'm with you

La la la la, take me Home 
Mama, I'm coming Home 

I'll follow you into the park, 
through the jungle, through the dark 
Girl, I've never loved one like you 

Moats & boats & waterfalls, 
alley ways & pay phone calls 
I've been everywhere with you 

That's true 

We laugh until we think we'll die, 
barefoot on a summer night 
Never could be sweeter than with you. 

And in the streets we're running free, 
like i's only you and me 
Geez, you're somethin' to see. 

Ahh, Home 
Let me come Home 
Home is wherever I'm with you 

La la la la, take me Home 
Mama, I'm coming Home 

Ahh, Home 
Let me come Home 
Home is whenever I'm with you 
Ahh, Home 
Let me come Home 
Home is when I'm alone with you 

Alabama, Arkansas, 
I do love my Ma & Pa 
Moats & Boats & Waterfalls, 
Alleyways & Pay phone Calls. 

Home is when I'm alone with you. 
Home is when I'm alone with you.

(Vid came from here)

Are you going through any big changes? Is twenty something overwhelming you? Do you sometimes feel like you are still while everything races ahead? Would love to hear your stories x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Additional Education

From what I gather your twenties are about self discovery and finding out who you are. Well this week I had a light bulb moment. You really cannot put your happiness in other people's hands.

When I was younger, I had two life defining instances where the person I thought I was, and the life that I lived were tossed and turned completely upside down, and for want of a better word, the life as i knew it, was pulled from under me by two people that I had empowered to define who I was. This left me lost, unsure, and incredibly hurt and confused as to how I could be spat out by people that I had given all if myself to. It was part of growing up for me, and granted, I don't think I would go back and change a thing as hellish as it was at the time, I would not be what I am without having been thrown out if that friendship nest, twice, and left to pick myself up.

As a young adult (or mid range adult if I remain honest) I have become someone who now recognises the value in having certain people in my life, choosing to have them close to me, rather than by default. Along the way, I am still very much learning the need to manage my own expectations. I am still very quick to trust that people will have same values and respect as me. This trait, often still smacks me in my mid range face as I tend invest too much of my desired and sometimes expected, outcome in others.

It is not other people who can make you happy. You are the only one who can determine where your happiness comes from. Individuals can add to our happiness, and add to the experiences you have in life, but they cannot be what makes you happy.

The lesson today lovely humans (I hope!), is to live your life looking out for yourself and yourself only. Feel happy and content through your own being. Do not allow yourself to be let down by other people, or to have others prevent you from experiencing your true life. Take your relationships for face value, and protect your own happiness by doing things that make you feel light, energetic and radiant. Even if it means following your path on your own, your most valued relationships should be there to add to your experience, not be the experience.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Something Good

I hereby write the following words as a good will deed to those of you who may be interested in having the best night of your life.

What am I talking about?

On the weekend having been paid *thank the Universe* I popped up to ye olde Westfield town to do some messages because I had mullah that would allow me to do such an act. Went into the Chemist to get a script filled and saw a little promo area advertising this:


Being a well known bandit for some good marketing, I grabbed myself a box, gave Mishy Bridges (face of the brand) a knowing smile that soon, I too will look like her and continued shopping just as mere old me.

Well! Can I just say three nights later and I have had the BEST nights' sleep ever. I take one before bed, read for a little bit until subtly, a feeling of calm washes over you and you are aware that it is now time to close those lids. I start breathing slower and more deeply and feel so RELAXED! Note: none of this is in a trippy over powering way, it is just an ever so slight sense of complete body and mind zen.

I sleep through the night not to be disturbed by anything, my body is hard at work revitalizing  replenishing and restoring and other 're' words. I wake feeling like I am RESTED, there is no sluggish wake up, or yawning or feeling of what the hell am I awake for. The past three days I have woken early to go to the gym (to work on that Mishy body) and I have not wanted to stab anyone on my journey in. (Normally there is at least three mental stabbings).

Here is what the website says in professional doctory terms:

Take a Night Multi - to start your day feeling energetic & refreshed!

Do you feel worn out, fatigued, not 100%. It’s no wonder- because the human body is not designed to withstand the constant pressure of each hectic day without eventually slowing down or burning out. This is the reason that our body rests and restores itself while we sleep of all the minor damages it has faced during your busy day. If your body does not repair & restore itself properly- it affects your health & vitality every day.

That’s why a night multi is an important step you can take to help support your health and well being. It works with your body while you sleep to help the body’s natural recharging and repairing that happens while you sleep, to help you feel renewed and restored every day- so that you can wake up feeling brighter, fresher and more energetic the whole day!

Nature’s Way combines the latest nutritional science to bring you Rest & Restore Night Multivitamin for Women, a complete multivitamin with specific doses of ingredients beneficial for female health.
Rest & Restore Night Multivitamin for Women is the balanced blend of nutrients which supports a hectic lifestyle by supplementing/filling the nutritional gaps in women’s diets and helping restore everyday energy levels.

Now dear people, honestly go out and try this piece of nutritional science and you will see how one is supposed to feel after a good nights sleep and your evening habits will never look back AND your body and your mind will praise you and you will be happy for ever and ever!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Whole New World

Outside of Sydney there is a world. A world that exists without the daily demand for checking your mobile. Without internet. Without time. Running on Bula time, Fiji has some of the happiest people I have ever known. Days pass with nothing accomplished but a magazine read and skin kissed with sun. Then you get back home and immediately are swept up in the mundane and routine. Oh how I long for Fiji...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Call Me Maybe

Call me maybe is possibly one of my favourite songs. It makes me go from being a smooth operator in a sophisticated classy conversation with someone when I am out to, when I hear I threw a wish in the well, being the girl that drops everything and runs to the centre of the dancefloor screaming like a banshee OMG I love this song!!(Note: loving a song is never exclusive- every second song I pretty much declare my intense one off love for)

However in reality, the thought of people actually calling me makes me cringe. Don't call me. Ever. 

Call me old fashioned but I really carry some serious resentment for my cellular phone. When I am at home, I usually always leave it upstairs or in my hand bag and check it at interval times that suit me. I like to disconnect, I hate being so available all the time. I hate that we now live in a world that is phone dependent.

I do love a texty text. The sound of the beep symbolising someone has sent me the written word. The initial guessing mind game I play with myself of who will it be, and the consideration that I can respond when it suits me.

A phone call on the other hand, gets you at any given moment. Caught between the moral mind field of ergh should I answer now or miss it and then have to call back later? You can guarantee that if I have a missed call, I will generally reply with a texty text saying 'whats up?'

Because I hate being stuck on the phone, making small talk with someone. I hate being on the phone with someone then an hour later seeing them and its like well yep, we've already said all this. I like to use my phone for business only. I will call and say on my way/where are you/mum where can I find this... and I expect a quick and efficient ok see you soon/in your driveway/aisle 2... in response. I think this comes down to the fact that I am a natural calm planner/soothing organiser/facilitator of madwomen anal characteristics- so when I am getting ready to go somewhere, or I am sitting enjoying some zen time to myself, it really annoys me when the phone rings and all of a sudden I am at someone else's beck and call.

It could be worse. I could have to deal with the old can and string logistics I suppose. Then I'd have something to really be annoyed about.

Phones are rudeness at its worst. I look around the train carriage daily and nearly everyone is always connected to their phone- what happened to being mindful and just being in the environment around you? People watching. Window gazing. Nose picking? We used to do it OK, it's not like this needs to be a joint effort of by our powers combined we must be on phones at all time! 

My blood boils when I am in someones REAL LIFE company and they are sitting head down, checking/playing/browsing on their phone- why the feck am I here with you if you are going to be on your phone? I think that is one of the rudest things IN THE WORLD!
(That, and acting like you don't enjoy Backstreet Boys/One Direction and Gangnam Style- come on pleaasseeee). I take great offense to this.

I just think that a texty text is so much more discreet. It allows you to initiate your point of contact and it gives the recipient the time to reply when it suits best. Phone calls are impersonal; sitting talking on a rectangle object looking around me, leads the way to high distraction levels- I would much more prefer to meet up in person and really let me engage and listen to you. (If you promise to leave your goddamn electronics in your bag).

Disclaimer: obviously friends and family are encouraged to call me maybe when you need a good ear, or want to spontaneously share something funny via vocal tones. Call me if you need to lock in plans or confirm details to ensure efficient social activity planning (that's my favourite kind of call!)

Just please don't call me 'just because'. It makes me awkward. Message me 'just because' and that's just as special.

Disclaimer two: Ryan Gosling - you can call me definitely. Always. Annnyyytttimmmeee....