About Small Things Quirky

Small Things Quirky is a lifestyle blog that waffles about the the littler things in life that bring a smile to the dial. Quite often it will be a recap of the voice inside my head, a running commentary for the most awkward of situations i.e. the greeting hug- how long do you hold it for?

The blogs name was invented in a sit down shower session where all the writers best thinking is performed. In a sentence- STQ is everyday observations and thought ponderings' that aim to give you a giggle or a virtual cuddle (a real life cuddle is just too awkward to comprehend and would take up alot of time...disclaimer: writer does not work as a 'free hugs' street person).

Leesh is a Marketing Executive for a large trade show organisation and spends most of her days 'researching' the inter-web for the next inspiring big idea. She is in love with her job and all things marketing and gives back to the community by buying every existing product that has been 'marketed' well as a personal hand clap to the idea maker. She tinkers away on all forms of social media offering dry witted musings to the mundane things in life along with a casual starstruck squeal whenever a noteworthy 'industry celeb' responds to one of her rambles.

A single twenty something lady sassing up in Sydney's The Shire, Leesh devotes alot of time to thinking about the meaning of life...and boyz. Leesh loves literally 'loves this song' - every song. A rebel bandit for some 'me time' with an infatuation for One Direction, she is hoping the devotion will soon pay off and deliver a Harry for some Midnight Memories. In the interim, Leesh hopes that her adventures as a soloist will one day provide enough worthy content to be worked into a ye olde tangible book.

In saying that if you have a page turner book to recommend, an exchange of cool stories or have discovered where all the single boyz are at, please contact Leesh through email: leesh.bourke@gmail.com

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