Thursday, 28 June 2012

Train Talks

Oh god. This morning from 7.38am until 8.19am I had the pleasure of being sat next to a talker. Now, side note: I am trying my best to live mindfully and be aware of every emotion/thought I have to make sure I stay in check and not waste time sweating the small stuff (part of this not sweating also means I am not going to the gym- I think thats one way to avoid the sweats). However, I digress. Two woman boarded the train with me and sat next to me. One woman clearly impressed with her ability to speak was more than happy to put this skill into solid practice. As part of not stressing unnecessarily I must note, trains are not a private car and I am fully aware I will encounter people that may or may not rub me up the wrong way in more ways than one. Yet this woman felt the need to use her outside voice indoors and proceeded to inform her friend of ALL the details involved in feeding her two year old boy. At first it was just what he ate last night. Noodles but he really wanted chicken. Then it was what he likes to eat on a shopping trip. Choccies but I said he has to have bikkies. He likes cheese too. At nana's he was made lasagne but the funny creature wanted baked beanies instead so he did. He also enjoys narnies and tarnies. Sometimes he will eat beef, mince or chicken but lately he enjoys a spot of Chorizo.

All the while the friend just nodded and made appropriate listening noises. I silently screamed.

We then moved onto what she likes to eat. This sausage casserole I whip up but I have to buy the sausages from this butcher rather than the other one. Sticky date but the one her friend makes has no dates in it, not like the Sara Lee one. Ice cream was bought to eat with the sticky date but the apple pies hubby brought home went so much quicker than the tub of ice cream and now the ice cream takes up so much room in the freezer. And so on and so forth. I arrived at work today having read the same sentence in my book for the entirety of the train ride and also much more hungrier than I should be. I also wonder does this lady know how much she talks about food?

NB: Kmart is also better than Target for kids toys. (Her words not mine)

Monday, 25 June 2012

Perception or Exception

They say a picture tells a thousand words. But does it tell us what we need to know(perception) or what we want to see (exception)? I went on my first blind date tonight which was an experience in itself however it begs the question: with today's public profile, how blind is a blind date?

I went into this meeting fully armed with my assessment of this suitor and in typical girl fashion with little mystery, had paved the way that our 'story' would go. Although I had never met this boy and we had only had a few written encounters I knew of his likes, how he spends his time, where he lives, how he dresses, where he went to school and had an abundant resource of photos to know what I could expect.

Yet when the time comes for the meeting of two hearts, sometimes they could be no further from the picture that was not so consciously painted.

I do encourage people to embrace the relative unknown and giggle your way the blind date idea if the chance stumbles upon your path in life yet maybe leave it to the unknown and go in without any pre concieved notions of how it could/should be. The excitement of being on the brink of a possible new adventure in life, the butterflies when you see the envelope appear in your inbox, the esteem building that is done in making sure you are the best you (Oprraaaahhhhhh) and the general buzz around the fantasy that it could become is all worth it. That's what makes you feel alive and as a single lady (Beyonceeeeee) you become one step closer to knowing what part of this "Right Now" will help you discover "The One".

At the end of the day it becomes a story to tell, but try to resist the natural temptation to research and direct the future, ride the wave, let the story write itself.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Man Flu

I am female yet experiencing full fledged man flu.
If someone was to ask my symptoms I would say I have a slight sniffle, I'm occasionally cold, I feel a little sleepy a lot and I have lost my personality.
In self diagnosis world, this is death and it is a slow one.

I apologise for this however I need to take a hiatus until fully recovered and back on board to spread the joy in the world once more.
Until then, I will be feeling sorry for myself and over exaggerating my sickness for sympathy.

NB. I do think my woeful attitude is in part due to the fact I'm reading The Bronze Horseman and as they are in Russia in the middle of war and Russian winter, I feel I can empathise exactly with what Tatiana and Shura must be going through.

Monday, 11 June 2012

From Russia With Love

Time and time again I will harp on about how the smaller things in life are the moments that most of the time fly under the radar. I do this because it is just SO TRUE and one of the things that I value most in my life. This long weekend I made sure I lived in the present moment and embraced a really wonderful evening. I looked forward to it all week, took the time to get dolled up for the occasion and made my way to my friends house in the depths of Grays Point. If there was ever a hostess with the mostest it would be one of my besties, V.

Along with the help (obedience) of her partner, they hosted a dinner party for ten of our closest friends. A wintry night in a room filled with warmth, exceptional food, young love and good times with our amazing nearest and dearest- these are the moments one should appreciate, sitting back with the pants unbuttoned to savour the magic (and the nommy food and flowing alcohol!)

In conclusion, how do you know a pirate is a pirate?
Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Im 24. I’ve already had my quarter life crisis. I feel I am at a point now where I am in abit of a limbo just waiting to see what happens next and where my life will take me. As part of this weird time standing still feeling I am experiencing I had a moment a little while ago where I thought BAM (thought pops into head) I should do a course to keep my mind busy and learn something new. So that is what I have done. Having made this decision, now in my head I constantly hear Billy Madison’s back to school theme song. Which made me think of when I was actually in school. Oh the memories of the school yard…

My current weekend desk setup

  • In kindergarten I told everyone to hide from the teacher after lunch time which resulted in all of us having to pick up five papers from the yard the next day.
  • In year one I was the kid who once a week for 9 months told how "my mummy was having a sister and we are also getting a new TV" in show and tell.
  • In year two I stole a boys pink power ranger collector card, which resulted in him hiding my wishing stones in my clag glue pot.
  • In year three my teacher threw my rubber out the window in anger (ironically not actually angry with me) and I cried. (Happy ending: however I managed to find it later because I was the girl who had every individual item in my pencil case hand labelled with printed out full names sticky taped on)
  • In year four I got glassed by a boy in a water bomb fight (back story: he ran out of water bombs so picked up a beer bottle and used that instead)
  • In year five I was the girl that all the other girls protected from finding our the real truth about the jolly red man in the suit that stops by once a year
  • In year seven I refused to kiss my boyfriend because he had braces and so did I and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting too ‘attached’ (in the metal sense of the word)
  • In year 8 we all got our Aunty Flo’s and could never stand up and walk anywhere without saying "check me" for fear we had the flow levels of a tsunami.
  • In year 9 my crush came up to speak to me for the first time, only to tell me that I had walked from one side of the school to the other, with my dress tucked up behind my backpack and undies on full visual display.
  • It took until year 12 until I could walk from one side of the school to the other without having to beg someone to come with me

Oh the memories indeed.