Monday, 25 June 2012

Perception or Exception

They say a picture tells a thousand words. But does it tell us what we need to know(perception) or what we want to see (exception)? I went on my first blind date tonight which was an experience in itself however it begs the question: with today's public profile, how blind is a blind date?

I went into this meeting fully armed with my assessment of this suitor and in typical girl fashion with little mystery, had paved the way that our 'story' would go. Although I had never met this boy and we had only had a few written encounters I knew of his likes, how he spends his time, where he lives, how he dresses, where he went to school and had an abundant resource of photos to know what I could expect.

Yet when the time comes for the meeting of two hearts, sometimes they could be no further from the picture that was not so consciously painted.

I do encourage people to embrace the relative unknown and giggle your way the blind date idea if the chance stumbles upon your path in life yet maybe leave it to the unknown and go in without any pre concieved notions of how it could/should be. The excitement of being on the brink of a possible new adventure in life, the butterflies when you see the envelope appear in your inbox, the esteem building that is done in making sure you are the best you (Oprraaaahhhhhh) and the general buzz around the fantasy that it could become is all worth it. That's what makes you feel alive and as a single lady (Beyonceeeeee) you become one step closer to knowing what part of this "Right Now" will help you discover "The One".

At the end of the day it becomes a story to tell, but try to resist the natural temptation to research and direct the future, ride the wave, let the story write itself.

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