Monday, 11 June 2012

From Russia With Love

Time and time again I will harp on about how the smaller things in life are the moments that most of the time fly under the radar. I do this because it is just SO TRUE and one of the things that I value most in my life. This long weekend I made sure I lived in the present moment and embraced a really wonderful evening. I looked forward to it all week, took the time to get dolled up for the occasion and made my way to my friends house in the depths of Grays Point. If there was ever a hostess with the mostest it would be one of my besties, V.

Along with the help (obedience) of her partner, they hosted a dinner party for ten of our closest friends. A wintry night in a room filled with warmth, exceptional food, young love and good times with our amazing nearest and dearest- these are the moments one should appreciate, sitting back with the pants unbuttoned to savour the magic (and the nommy food and flowing alcohol!)

In conclusion, how do you know a pirate is a pirate?
Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh


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