Friday, 16 August 2013

Happy Birthday

I love birthdays. I am currently experiencing my one for the year 2013 and I am in love. With my birthday.

I honestly dread the day that comes when I don't love my birthday. I hope it never happens. I don't understand those people that cringe when their birthday is approaching. The people who don't want to celebrate it or say oh its just another day. I feel sorry that they want to just let it slide past uneventfully. Um no its not just another day, its your BIRTHDAY!!

I feel we should all take the time, (it only comes around once a year!) to enjoy the fact that this is your day, a whole day (or month if you're me) about you. Where your family and friends celebrate and give thanks and gratitude to YOU. It may sound silly but I love celebrating birthdays, not strictly just mine, I love making someone feel special and putting thought into a gift, a party or just words in a card. Yes you may share this date with millions of others around the world but it is special because it is YOUR date.

Don't look at it as a pain or another dreaded day to be swept under the rug, look at it as a moment to take stock of your life, who and what is in it. For me, I treat each birthday like New Years Eve, its a second chance to take a minute to appreciate everything around me and to reassess my path I am on and what direction I want to go. A time to show appreciation for whoevers special day it is, as we all know we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and often forget to be appreciative of people in our life. Treat birthdays as a reminder to show thanks for that person. I may look silly getting so excited over my birthday, it may be viewed as immature but it makes me happy, feel GOOD, invigorated and super excited- how can that be silly? It's a breathe of fresh air as another year passes. Time to reflect and be grateful for life. And to celebrate ME!

Why the hell wouldn't you? x

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