Monday, 22 September 2014

Make Your Own Tribe

If there is anything I have learnt in my 27 years it definitely comes down to maintaining expectations. The more you expect, the bigger the window you leave open for things to fall through.

By placing expectations on others to satisfy whatever need you have, you are taking the early exit off the highway to Maccas and ending up at the fruit stall instead (i.e. right where you didn't want to be).

Relying on other people to fulfil your desires, only sets you up for disappointment in the end, because if you hadn't noticed - you are not Jim Henson mastering the muppets.

More often than not, by painting the perfect outcome in your mind for how you expect to be treated by others can leave you feeling more hurt than probably required when that masterpiece isn't created the way you imagined.

Whether its planning an entire girls night out with a large group, turning to loved ones to be your personal cheerleader, picturing how your future romance plays out, envisioning the outcome of a difficult conversation or even something as simple as expecting someone to arrive on time - when you already enter the scenario with the result in your head, the divine Universe intervenes and it's rarely going to be the result you get.

That's why I think its important to find your own tribe. Don't get caught up in expecting to be emotionally or mentally satisfied from those you think you should be responsible for this. Time and time again I personally have left myself feeling silly for turning to someone cherished expecting them to give me what I need - then reeling back frustrated and hurt after the fact when they haven't fulfilled this construction of my mind; the expectation I put on them.

Dearest gumdrops, turn away from the norm and make your own tribe. Find the people that you don't have to put these expectations on. Give yourself all the love you need. Don't punish those 'should of's' for not living up to your expectations, and most definitely do not spend time resenting people for not being your ideal...let it go and turn to the tribe you hand pick to be your support beams.

If all else fails, make a U-turn and get that nugget meal from Maccas!

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