Friday, 3 January 2014

The Bachelor US Nail-Biting Recap

Well I just watched The Bachelor US and sweet holy guacamole I was on edge of my seat the entire time! These girls are so terribly invested in the fairy tale particular, the story ending with Sean Lowe.

Meet Sean. Hi Sean!

It was down to these final two birds, Lindsay and Catherine.

Meet the girls. Sean has abit of a type...

It was a tough play, both were little, bubbly brunettes who loved being 'goofy' with Sean. Lindsay was really cute and loved a laugh and she was initially my favourite for this episode. By episode I mean 3 hour battle up the aisle! Catherine didn't do too much for me to start with, except that I did find her edgy and just soo chilled - she wasn't too gushy about Sean, just enjoyed herself in each moment. (Whereas sweet Loony Lindsay quite confidently dropped some pretty big love bombs such as 'this is the day I get engaged' and 'I love his family and am so excited for how they are about to make my life so much better'.

Lindsay also thought it would be soo 'goofy' to rock up in a wedding dress on the first night...

Needless to say, poor Lindsay lost out and spent the car ride back to the airport sobbing gut wrenchers like the following:

  • "All my life I've wanted this, it was dangled in front of me then ripped away"
  • "Everything I've ever wanted I had, and now someone else has it instead"
  • "Why, why?"
  • "How could he do this to me?"
  • "It's not fair"
  • "I don't want to be alone"
Her world tumbling down around her (cue next shot with flames coming out her eyeballs)
The 'how could he do this' and 'I dont want to be alone' moment

Here's what I was yelling (with my mind) through the screen to the poor sod....
  • "All my life I've wanted this, it was dangled in front of me then ripped away"
    It's OK. If you have wanted this all your life you will still continue to want it. Now you know how much it means to you and will have an even greater appreciation when the RIGHT One is dangled in front of you and you pull him off the hook and name him Sqooshy and call him yours forever.
  • "Everything I've ever wanted I had, and now someone else has it instead"
    It's OK. If it belongs to someone else then why would you want what's theirs? It's not a mistake, look for how you can take this experience and make yourself even better for Sqooshy! Wait for what's yours - its coming!
  • Why, why?
    There is no why. Don't seek for the why. It's a morbid question that will only plunge you further into the depths of TimTams and tissues. Think of the times you have turned down a guy because something just wasn't quite right- it's not them, it's YOU and what YOU want for YOU. Accept what's happened. Embrace it, and move forward even stronger than you thought you were. You are only dealt what you can handle.
  • How could he do this to me?
    Oh Blind Lindsay. He didn't 'DO' it to you, he did it to himself. This is what he needs and is whats right for him. It has nothing to do with you as a person! Side note: Poor Sean was actually gutted in having to make a choice and hurt you- He couldn't have both of you (swingerz) so he choose the One he felt strongest for in his heart. Would you really want to be with someone who didn't want to be with you?
  • It's not fair...
    Nope, it's not. But neither is wishing away your life for him and ending up on the sweet receiving end of an inevitable heartbreak down the track when those feelings have multiplied by a million and yet something is still missing...You've gotta have the shit times so when the good times roll into your life you can look back and go 'oh my, why did I waste so much time on that?'
  • I don't want to be alone >>>> (Lindsay is 24...)
    Dear dear Lindsay, you WONT be alone!! And if by the very slim shake that you are, it will be because you will have chosen that as your path and you will be happy with that choice!
Considering I used to be this kid...

I was pretty impressed with mine and Lindsay's chin wag!

After the tragic Lindsay incident, me and the live audience are waiting for Sean's proposal...but Catherine has sent him a letter instead! He opens it anndddd cue very poorly timed torturous ad break.

The audience and me are now nail-less as Sean returns to our screens reading the letter. We are all nervous as Catherine has been such a cool cat this entire 'journey', its very possible she has decided this love game ain't her thang and is about to ink-dump Sean leaving him with NO ONE! But ballzy Catherine's voice over quickly brings us a sigh of relief as it turns out she fights for what she wants and has written the letter proposing to HIM!


Sean says "every time we say goodbye I miss you...I don't want to say goodbye anymore"

Catherine nearly vomits with the overwhelm of love she is feeling. She says "I'm so addicted to're so my prince"

Ahh LOVE it!!!
I too, would love Ring. I mean Sean...

Enter traditional Bachelor elephant as they are her favourite animal and in keeping with all other love successes of past seasons, we know Thailand means bareback elephant rides into the sunset. Catherine is so that cool as she, quite simply, exclaims "that's so're my fiancé...this is cool." Yeah Catherine, it IS awesome!

This is what lurrrvveeee looks like. These two kids are SOO goofy, nawwww!

Love Lesson 1: Catherine was laidback and embracing of the chance to find love. She had been hurt in the past- just like everyone else- so she was abit cautious yet being a strong independent female she was sending out major love attraction beams to Sean and resulted in wooing him with her natural carefree approach to life. The Lindsays, are reminded of what they want not as punishment so they can sob in the ego of 'oh but why dont I have that', but so they can appreciate the end goal when it arrives.

If there is one thing I know about boyz, it's that he will only arrive when you are ready. Those loved up love gods aren't sitting on their lovesacks caught up in One Direction DVDs forgetting about you - they are calmly watching you go along your journey, smiling as you find your own way to readiness, and usually, Sqooshy will only pop into your life once you have learnt to love YOURSELF first.

The After The Rose special saw Lindsay come back and thank Sean for the experience. She was genuinely happy for him and Catherine, with retrospect she was able to appreciate that the experience showed her what she wanted and realise that even though it did hurt she is now so much more of a stronger person. You go girl!

Edit: Ohh but THEN she spent the next part of the interview drilling Sean asking 'what went wrong/what changed/when did he know/what was wrong with her/what did she do wrong?'

Love Lesson 2: Don't pretend to be OK either, that wont hurry up the process!

Sooo still not quite there girl but she nearly had it!!

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