Monday, 28 May 2012

I've Found The Cure For Mondayitis

Feeling abit woe is me it's another Monday which means 4 more days of a solid work week ahead of me? Then you must check out this website from architect turned photographer who is acting on the change he yearned for in his life.

He says Don't be afraid to change something in your life, because for me that was one of the best decisions. Isn't that something to help pick up your Monday blues and motivate you for the week ahead? If it's not and that sentiment is way too deep for you as you kill some internet hours on this fine afternoon, then never fear, just have a good belly laugh at his latest work.

The images above are all from his latest works called Blow Job and you can read all about photographer Tadao Cern here. Using subjects to stand in front of an industrial sized fan to create a form of art- who would've thought? Go to the gallery to see the rest of the images, I love how much you can see of some of the faces how much they are trying to fight the high powered wind smacking them in the face. Perhaps today's lesson is to simply just go with the flow? 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Grand Aventures

With the cooler weather beginning to settle in, it's making me dream back to a time where it was hot days and summer in the desert... Stage two of my Americana trip saw us take a day trip out to the West rim of the Grand Canyon.

I never miss an opportunity to reflect on a rock!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Small Things Indeed

I'm officially having a moment. This morning on the packed like sardines train, I made my way to the lower seating level and took up a stance in the aisle, and took out my ipod to fiddle around with to look busy. I was content. Then suddenly a hand tapped my on the shoulder and a guy MY AGE (24 for those of you playing at home) had stood up just so I could sit down. This in itself immediately made me smile and feel all warm and mushy in a situation where normally I have feelings of deep stress, inner voices of 'omg gross' and eye rolling. I simply thought thats nice since he must just be getting off at the next stop. But NO, a few stops later and I spied this boy sitting down a few rows. So he has either assumed my look of the day as fashionable bag lady was a sign of early pregnancy and he was doing a good deed for a fellow citizen, OR he was simply doing a good deed.

How lovely is that? I have no physical ailments, my handbag was less than its usual over weight size and my arms were free, under no terms did this boy see me and feel like he had to give up his seat. But he did and this tiny tiny deed for whatever reason he chose to do it has now put me in such a good mood I practically skipped to work and has even got me thinking what good deed could I do to someone today to pay it forward and share this spontaneous feeling of happiness.

A good deed is a tiny element of life that is oft left behind. How often do you think to do something for someone because you can, not because you should? (Start my gospel choir background theme music*) So next time you are out and about do something to make someone else feel nice, offer up your seat to someone just like you, pick up that piece of litter on the ground, smile at a stranger, hold open a door for someone, pay for someones coffee in the line behind you, be creative and think of your own ideas and stop writing mine down, you know, whatever sistahs! Pay it forward and let the light shine oohhh yeaahhh

*I am a big fan of theme music for your life. If life was a musical, how amazeballs would it be?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Gah so this week I have felt like there is a constant grey cloud over my head. A lack of sleep, motivation, exercise and carrying around general life stress, it's so easy to get caught up in your own funk, isn't it? I have decided to embrace this mood that is making me thundourously good company and ride it out till it passes. Running on empty is no good for anyone and its times like these that one often forgets to just stop.

In light of this, today I had to leave work early today to go check out DesignEx- an exhibition set up for architects, interior designers and the like. On my way back I decided to stop the woe is me and just look at the now around me (Oprah yeaahh). It's not too often you get to be a tourist in your own city and not only is Sydney Harbour the home of my second workplace, Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre, it is also the most beautiful city in the world (I called it). The sun was out, the autumn air was crisp and right in that actual moment of time, there was nothing actually wrong.

I plugged my ipod in, strolled along to theme music provided by The Shins and started to realise I was breathing again. Oh happy days!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Activities Activities!

To set the context, as a 24 year old girl I consider myself to be prematurely senior in my behaviour. I am generally showered, 1x reality tv show watched and enjoyed, fed and in bed by 9pm each night and feel disgruntled if I'm not; and social activities on a school night have to be of utmost importance to drag me out of my nana routine. THIS week I have been busier than Lara Bingles publicity team.

Sunday night I headed into Newtown to see Dave Thornton perform at the Enmore Theatre Yalumba Wine Bar. Set in an intimate lounge room like environment the laughs were consistently launching me off the seat for 40 minutes, and I may have half sat there with love hearts for pupils. I have decided I heart Dave and have begun a quest to become Mrs Thornton.

Tuesday evening I again participated in the lingering days of Sydney Comedy Festival and went to see Ross Noble at Enmore Theatre as part of a christmas present I had bought for my cousin. Not sure if anyone else has seen Ross live in action but my gosh, the man is pure comic genius, you do sit there experiencing alot of wtf moments, but he went on for 2.5hours and I think it would be safe to assume he would have only pre planned .3 hours of it. True definition of an outstanding stand up (geddit?) Hilarious and a must add to your bucket list activity!

Wednesday night I returned to my seniors living and had a night with my ladies at the newly renovated Gymea Tradies, job well done I'd say. The brasserie food was delish and well priced, every staff member we spoke to was so helpful and friendly, I had to wonder what happy juice they might be drinking and the decor was just very swish for what was a tired old venue. Definately a snazzy place for the elderly locals to enjoy!

Thursday I fed my annual shopping addiction (I need help) at Fashion Weekend. Although proudly this year I only spent $277 on some amazeballs
peep toe shoes and a bag or two. This is a huge improvement on last years $998 surprise spend (I did get a free showbag for spending over $700 though so cha ching money well spent and coupons gladly accepted)

And this weekend I'm off to
Groovin the Moo to be a true festival goer and catch some of my favourite artists: Matt Corby, 360, Hilltop Hoods and Purple Sneakers DJs.

Wishing you all a festive weekend (and counting down til tea and slippers time Sunday night)

ex oh ex oh

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Holiday High

I have just returned from a 3.5 week holiday around America and yes, I am also carrying around a million photos just burning a hole in my pockets (I have really big pockets). In saying this, I am dying to show all my hard work aka results of being that annoying person holding the group up just to get "that perfect shot".
What I will promise is that I will break it down into baby segments, only pick the best pics and split my travel joy in between regular posts so as to prevent you from feeling like you're trapped having stumbled across my personal photo album.

The first part: Myself and three other girlfriends united from Scotland and Australia for a whirlwind trip throughout the states. First stop was Vegas!  We actually behaved quite tame for what I had expected of Vegas yet nonetheless, I was not disappointed as it was everything I had imagined and more.

So that's Vegas for you, Vegas baby! I felt I was the most comfortable in Vegas, suprisingly you feel very safe, there is a very low crime rate there and fun fact: the hotel security staff are essentially the policing system and as a result there is very little actual police presence in Vegas. Five days in and I had already filled up all the spare space in my suitcase, which proved challenging times ahead- me vs the shopping universe. Watch this space...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Howdy Doody

Why hello there, thanks so much for your warm welcome, I'm really excited, a little overwhelmed and so glad to be here! (crickets...)

To begin I have decided to step tentatively into the blogging world, whilst I am anxious with anticipation of the mystery that surrounds the blogosphere, as a creative over thinker I think what is to come can be nothing but a bit of a laugh in the least. Do I have a sole purpose in starting a blog? Nope! I have decided after months of stalking every other blog, filling up my inbox trying to get ideas and an understanding yet still not really getting it, it's time to (Insert Nike credit here)

As the writer of Small Things Quirky I cant guarantee consistency of content. Some days it may be a quick thought, some days it may be full of wisdom and depth, other days it may be a poke at my ironic observations of the day to day grind, every second day it may be funny, every third day it could be a flashback to another time, and Saturdays may hold a glance into hopes for the future. Every day will be random. I look forward to hopefully entertaining you and definately putting every thing from my mind right here onto this page.

Here we go...!