Sunday, 6 May 2012

Howdy Doody

Why hello there, thanks so much for your warm welcome, I'm really excited, a little overwhelmed and so glad to be here! (crickets...)

To begin I have decided to step tentatively into the blogging world, whilst I am anxious with anticipation of the mystery that surrounds the blogosphere, as a creative over thinker I think what is to come can be nothing but a bit of a laugh in the least. Do I have a sole purpose in starting a blog? Nope! I have decided after months of stalking every other blog, filling up my inbox trying to get ideas and an understanding yet still not really getting it, it's time to (Insert Nike credit here)

As the writer of Small Things Quirky I cant guarantee consistency of content. Some days it may be a quick thought, some days it may be full of wisdom and depth, other days it may be a poke at my ironic observations of the day to day grind, every second day it may be funny, every third day it could be a flashback to another time, and Saturdays may hold a glance into hopes for the future. Every day will be random. I look forward to hopefully entertaining you and definately putting every thing from my mind right here onto this page.

Here we go...!

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