Monday, 28 May 2012

I've Found The Cure For Mondayitis

Feeling abit woe is me it's another Monday which means 4 more days of a solid work week ahead of me? Then you must check out this website from architect turned photographer who is acting on the change he yearned for in his life.

He says Don't be afraid to change something in your life, because for me that was one of the best decisions. Isn't that something to help pick up your Monday blues and motivate you for the week ahead? If it's not and that sentiment is way too deep for you as you kill some internet hours on this fine afternoon, then never fear, just have a good belly laugh at his latest work.

The images above are all from his latest works called Blow Job and you can read all about photographer Tadao Cern here. Using subjects to stand in front of an industrial sized fan to create a form of art- who would've thought? Go to the gallery to see the rest of the images, I love how much you can see of some of the faces how much they are trying to fight the high powered wind smacking them in the face. Perhaps today's lesson is to simply just go with the flow? 

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