Friday, 18 May 2012

Small Things Indeed

I'm officially having a moment. This morning on the packed like sardines train, I made my way to the lower seating level and took up a stance in the aisle, and took out my ipod to fiddle around with to look busy. I was content. Then suddenly a hand tapped my on the shoulder and a guy MY AGE (24 for those of you playing at home) had stood up just so I could sit down. This in itself immediately made me smile and feel all warm and mushy in a situation where normally I have feelings of deep stress, inner voices of 'omg gross' and eye rolling. I simply thought thats nice since he must just be getting off at the next stop. But NO, a few stops later and I spied this boy sitting down a few rows. So he has either assumed my look of the day as fashionable bag lady was a sign of early pregnancy and he was doing a good deed for a fellow citizen, OR he was simply doing a good deed.

How lovely is that? I have no physical ailments, my handbag was less than its usual over weight size and my arms were free, under no terms did this boy see me and feel like he had to give up his seat. But he did and this tiny tiny deed for whatever reason he chose to do it has now put me in such a good mood I practically skipped to work and has even got me thinking what good deed could I do to someone today to pay it forward and share this spontaneous feeling of happiness.

A good deed is a tiny element of life that is oft left behind. How often do you think to do something for someone because you can, not because you should? (Start my gospel choir background theme music*) So next time you are out and about do something to make someone else feel nice, offer up your seat to someone just like you, pick up that piece of litter on the ground, smile at a stranger, hold open a door for someone, pay for someones coffee in the line behind you, be creative and think of your own ideas and stop writing mine down, you know, whatever sistahs! Pay it forward and let the light shine oohhh yeaahhh

*I am a big fan of theme music for your life. If life was a musical, how amazeballs would it be?

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  1. I wish life had theme music too... like that scene in 500 days of Summer where he starts dancing around the fountain to Hall and Oates You Make My Dreams come True and everyone else joins in!