Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Im 24. I’ve already had my quarter life crisis. I feel I am at a point now where I am in abit of a limbo just waiting to see what happens next and where my life will take me. As part of this weird time standing still feeling I am experiencing I had a moment a little while ago where I thought BAM (thought pops into head) I should do a course to keep my mind busy and learn something new. So that is what I have done. Having made this decision, now in my head I constantly hear Billy Madison’s back to school theme song. Which made me think of when I was actually in school. Oh the memories of the school yard…

My current weekend desk setup

  • In kindergarten I told everyone to hide from the teacher after lunch time which resulted in all of us having to pick up five papers from the yard the next day.
  • In year one I was the kid who once a week for 9 months told how "my mummy was having a sister and we are also getting a new TV" in show and tell.
  • In year two I stole a boys pink power ranger collector card, which resulted in him hiding my wishing stones in my clag glue pot.
  • In year three my teacher threw my rubber out the window in anger (ironically not actually angry with me) and I cried. (Happy ending: however I managed to find it later because I was the girl who had every individual item in my pencil case hand labelled with printed out full names sticky taped on)
  • In year four I got glassed by a boy in a water bomb fight (back story: he ran out of water bombs so picked up a beer bottle and used that instead)
  • In year five I was the girl that all the other girls protected from finding our the real truth about the jolly red man in the suit that stops by once a year
  • In year seven I refused to kiss my boyfriend because he had braces and so did I and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting too ‘attached’ (in the metal sense of the word)
  • In year 8 we all got our Aunty Flo’s and could never stand up and walk anywhere without saying "check me" for fear we had the flow levels of a tsunami.
  • In year 9 my crush came up to speak to me for the first time, only to tell me that I had walked from one side of the school to the other, with my dress tucked up behind my backpack and undies on full visual display.
  • It took until year 12 until I could walk from one side of the school to the other without having to beg someone to come with me

Oh the memories indeed.

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