Thursday, 21 June 2012

Man Flu

I am female yet experiencing full fledged man flu.
If someone was to ask my symptoms I would say I have a slight sniffle, I'm occasionally cold, I feel a little sleepy a lot and I have lost my personality.
In self diagnosis world, this is death and it is a slow one.

I apologise for this however I need to take a hiatus until fully recovered and back on board to spread the joy in the world once more.
Until then, I will be feeling sorry for myself and over exaggerating my sickness for sympathy.

NB. I do think my woeful attitude is in part due to the fact I'm reading The Bronze Horseman and as they are in Russia in the middle of war and Russian winter, I feel I can empathise exactly with what Tatiana and Shura must be going through.

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