Thursday, 28 June 2012

Train Talks

Oh god. This morning from 7.38am until 8.19am I had the pleasure of being sat next to a talker. Now, side note: I am trying my best to live mindfully and be aware of every emotion/thought I have to make sure I stay in check and not waste time sweating the small stuff (part of this not sweating also means I am not going to the gym- I think thats one way to avoid the sweats). However, I digress. Two woman boarded the train with me and sat next to me. One woman clearly impressed with her ability to speak was more than happy to put this skill into solid practice. As part of not stressing unnecessarily I must note, trains are not a private car and I am fully aware I will encounter people that may or may not rub me up the wrong way in more ways than one. Yet this woman felt the need to use her outside voice indoors and proceeded to inform her friend of ALL the details involved in feeding her two year old boy. At first it was just what he ate last night. Noodles but he really wanted chicken. Then it was what he likes to eat on a shopping trip. Choccies but I said he has to have bikkies. He likes cheese too. At nana's he was made lasagne but the funny creature wanted baked beanies instead so he did. He also enjoys narnies and tarnies. Sometimes he will eat beef, mince or chicken but lately he enjoys a spot of Chorizo.

All the while the friend just nodded and made appropriate listening noises. I silently screamed.

We then moved onto what she likes to eat. This sausage casserole I whip up but I have to buy the sausages from this butcher rather than the other one. Sticky date but the one her friend makes has no dates in it, not like the Sara Lee one. Ice cream was bought to eat with the sticky date but the apple pies hubby brought home went so much quicker than the tub of ice cream and now the ice cream takes up so much room in the freezer. And so on and so forth. I arrived at work today having read the same sentence in my book for the entirety of the train ride and also much more hungrier than I should be. I also wonder does this lady know how much she talks about food?

NB: Kmart is also better than Target for kids toys. (Her words not mine)

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