Sunday, 8 July 2012

Woman Who Inspire

At the moment I have two woman that are totally the source of my inspiration in life. Both these woman are polar opposites of each other but I guess that shows you can always find common values in the people you admire. I also think its good to be a fan sometimes so you stay motivated to aspire to forever be awesome.

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I think Asher Keddie is just stunning. She is such a natural beauty, so humble yet so talented and well liked. Part of me also can really see myself in her alter ego Nina from Offspring. The socially awkward, bumbling and stuttering her way through relationships and walking around with a continual inner dialogue running-  that's me to a T! However whilst Nina perfects her poker face while she argues with her inner voice, I still need to work on that!

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Now this one I can explain. A couple of weeks ago I went to Lady Gaga's concert, I had bought the ticket under the premise of well der it's like 50 Shades of Grey, you might not want to like it, however you read it cause you know its going to be good and you would be a cotton headed nini-muggans not to (except to contradict myself I stand by my refusal to hop on the Grey bandwagon- but you get my point) anyhow, in this one concert I became so eager to let Gaga know in fact, I am a little Monster and what can I do to show I'm your biggest fan? She was outstanding. A girl of 26, again so humble in stating she has come from singing to a bar of 30 to a crowd of 30 000 and still has such a long way to go. Gaga had raw talent that you just dont see these days. She sang every song to perfection, each song had a costume change and there was a whole production to her show not just a stand alone with a mic kind of gig. This girl is worth every cent of her fame and more. Needless to say her albums have now been purchased and on repeat on my ipod. I also got creepy and purchased her coffee table book. Im one step away from carrying around a teapot and cup wherever I go (for visual purposes only).

Naw, poor Asher, I clearly got carried away with my Gaga spiel but I promise you I love them both equally!

* Cringe I also just re-read this and have totally, accidentally referenced a Gaga song in my Asher tidbit

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