Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Mornings

When I started today, the day was grey and cold.

After brekkie with my newly returned from overseas bestie I read the paper by my inspiration wall
I lit my vanilla candle while I finished my assignment
Newly returned bestie brought me pressies
I indulged my multiple inner 'I'm your number one fan' stalkers at the JB Hi-Fi sale
I browsed Sarah Wilsons IQS cookbook

I recovered my childhood sweethear Mumbo (right). For awhile now (a year) the planner in me fretted over Mumbo's whereabouts as in the event of an emergency, he would be the first thing I grabbed. Father B got on it and rescued Mumbo from under the house so now I am at one with the universe again, and ever prepared for a dash. (Notice such was my attachment I also had a back up Mumbo- obviously 'it' was by no means the partner that Mumbo was, hence 'it' did not get used as much as Number 1 Mumbo did. But just in case.)

Then the sun came out, Triple J streamed Splendour live from my speakers and all was well with the world again!

Happy Sundays x

*In the interest of entertainment giggles, if you scroll back up to look at Mumbo...his right leg got like that as I used to suck my thumb and rub his leg across my lip. Obviously I do not do anything of the sorts these days but it is clear some time and effort went into Mumbo's comforting me with his leg. What an battlefield injury to tell the other toys.

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  1. God love Mumbo!! One could say he almost worked his butt off!