Thursday, 28 March 2013

Call Me Maybe

Call me maybe is possibly one of my favourite songs. It makes me go from being a smooth operator in a sophisticated classy conversation with someone when I am out to, when I hear I threw a wish in the well, being the girl that drops everything and runs to the centre of the dancefloor screaming like a banshee OMG I love this song!!(Note: loving a song is never exclusive- every second song I pretty much declare my intense one off love for)

However in reality, the thought of people actually calling me makes me cringe. Don't call me. Ever. 

Call me old fashioned but I really carry some serious resentment for my cellular phone. When I am at home, I usually always leave it upstairs or in my hand bag and check it at interval times that suit me. I like to disconnect, I hate being so available all the time. I hate that we now live in a world that is phone dependent.

I do love a texty text. The sound of the beep symbolising someone has sent me the written word. The initial guessing mind game I play with myself of who will it be, and the consideration that I can respond when it suits me.

A phone call on the other hand, gets you at any given moment. Caught between the moral mind field of ergh should I answer now or miss it and then have to call back later? You can guarantee that if I have a missed call, I will generally reply with a texty text saying 'whats up?'

Because I hate being stuck on the phone, making small talk with someone. I hate being on the phone with someone then an hour later seeing them and its like well yep, we've already said all this. I like to use my phone for business only. I will call and say on my way/where are you/mum where can I find this... and I expect a quick and efficient ok see you soon/in your driveway/aisle 2... in response. I think this comes down to the fact that I am a natural calm planner/soothing organiser/facilitator of madwomen anal characteristics- so when I am getting ready to go somewhere, or I am sitting enjoying some zen time to myself, it really annoys me when the phone rings and all of a sudden I am at someone else's beck and call.

It could be worse. I could have to deal with the old can and string logistics I suppose. Then I'd have something to really be annoyed about.

Phones are rudeness at its worst. I look around the train carriage daily and nearly everyone is always connected to their phone- what happened to being mindful and just being in the environment around you? People watching. Window gazing. Nose picking? We used to do it OK, it's not like this needs to be a joint effort of by our powers combined we must be on phones at all time! 

My blood boils when I am in someones REAL LIFE company and they are sitting head down, checking/playing/browsing on their phone- why the feck am I here with you if you are going to be on your phone? I think that is one of the rudest things IN THE WORLD!
(That, and acting like you don't enjoy Backstreet Boys/One Direction and Gangnam Style- come on pleaasseeee). I take great offense to this.

I just think that a texty text is so much more discreet. It allows you to initiate your point of contact and it gives the recipient the time to reply when it suits best. Phone calls are impersonal; sitting talking on a rectangle object looking around me, leads the way to high distraction levels- I would much more prefer to meet up in person and really let me engage and listen to you. (If you promise to leave your goddamn electronics in your bag).

Disclaimer: obviously friends and family are encouraged to call me maybe when you need a good ear, or want to spontaneously share something funny via vocal tones. Call me if you need to lock in plans or confirm details to ensure efficient social activity planning (that's my favourite kind of call!)

Just please don't call me 'just because'. It makes me awkward. Message me 'just because' and that's just as special.

Disclaimer two: Ryan Gosling - you can call me definitely. Always. Annnyyytttimmmeee....


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