Saturday, 2 March 2013

Work Hard. Be Humble

I sometimes feel like two sides of a coin. One half of me is quite mellow, calm and easily able to get over things (the tail). The other half is very easily agitated and annoyed by small things (the head). One of my pet peeves is boastful people.

I am love to feel someone's happiness, when someone deserves lightness in their world I am the number one cheerleader wishing and hoping nothing but the best happens to them. But when someone does nothing but rant and rave about the awesomeness of themselves, they immediately lose me in translation. Is it not hard to listen to someone speak when all you hear is la la la how good is my life?? Or even then being cut off by someone who says la la la la did I tell you how fricken good my life is yet! That annoys me.

Share your goods and your bads but get off the mountain top and speak on a grounded level. Not everything will be good all the time, so being boastful and lost in your own world will come back and hit you right in your noisy  gloaty face. Likewise, the bad luck I currently see one of my friends constantly being the unlucky recipient of will not last forever and sure enough the reason to be happy once more will come knocking on her door. It is in seeing people down on luck that frustrates me when I am stuck in a conversation with someone praising them self that makes me think gah if you can't at least be down to earth about your luck, are you responsible enough to really have it?

I used to go out with a guy who genuinely thought he was awesome. I knew this because he would often finish a text message with 'I'm awesome'. Heck, he'd even finish a live sentence with 'because I'm awesome' with no hint of humour about it. Hearing someone think this about themselves makes me think, actually you, not so much. Be awesome, but if you are then the people around you will already know this-they don't need you to remind them of the fact.

My message is this. Be happy, acknowledge, live and breathe in your good moments. Be mindful you are feeling light and elated with life. Share them with your loved ones. FEEL on top of the world. But share this as an endearing quality of conversation, a story of where you are at right now and what makes you happy. Not a dictatory soapbox tribute to yourself. People cant be happy for you when you are busy being too happy for yourself. Cause you know, what goes around comes around...

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