Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love is in the air

Just when I was beginning to panic about my very quiet mind, along comes Valentines Day and the light bulb obligatory single lady post is generated.

Now before eyes roll, this is not a woe is me I hate love and happiness and I could go out to dinner alone tonight if I wanted to kind of post. This is the first big day of hearts and Hallmark in years that I have probably NOT spent the day trying to be "strong and happy" and 'thats fine I don't really need a man anyway mmhmm Sharnay..' I actually woke up light and excited, except unlike any other day, in the sense of really strongly, I could feel the love in the air. And that was kinda nice. AND no I don't even remotely have a man that could explain this sway of feelings. It was nice to see woman with cheeky smiles on their faces, and the floral efforts from boyfriends of Facebook captured in a snapshot.

I DO (no pun intended) think it is ironic how all the statuses come out to play with the declarations of love. Not attracted to mush myself I admit, that shall the loved up day come for me one time, I will be partial to a bit of flower and choccy treatment (mainly choccy, can't eat flowers). I just think it is funny to be suddenly flooded with one of two takes on good ol Cupids Day.


The couples, all instantly realise they are couples with the very public 'I have the best boyfriend in the world, love you baybe mwah mwah mwah' vs the 'trying to ignore the happy couples, love my ladies, who needs boys, where's a cliff?'' ones- why is it that one day can make us so black and white about love? If you are in a relationship, is he not obviously the best person in the entire world every other day as well?

And THEN, the single sisters like myself skirt the edges of being too self righteous and feminist when we declare- that we are actually really single and happy! The loved up lass's nod sympathetically whilst the smug voice in their head (we all have a voice in our heads, mine is called Babette) says just you wait, a man WILL make you feel rainbows and butterflies and ohh the flowers you will see! And the fellow single ready to mingles will be like whatever boy germs are gross, we are all the woman who independent (throw your hands up at meehh).

You can't win. I personally had a cracker of a day. I went to work early, had some laughs, shared the love, received a card from a secret admirer (who was not so secret and actually was just following my earlier instructions to get me a card), learnt some wisdom about men, giggled at Facebook "why did I wake up today" vs "I'm so blessed I am with an everyday hero, and don't forget he is the only amazing person in the WORLD" updates, I ate chocolate and worked back late. And I'm happy.

Why can't we love everyone everyday? Can we wake up tomorrow and still feel magical about everyone in our lives? Or do we wait another year to stop and remind ourselves how lucky love is whether we are single or taken? And when can we eat chocolate next?!

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