Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Politics of Inspiration

Look I will begin this post with full disclaimers in that by no means do I pretend to write with a voice that has any reputable grounding whatsoever in the world that is politics. But with recent events having come to light the past week in Australian politics, it has triggered a response I felt the need to write about.

Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard was bumped by Kevin 07 to take back the top seat in the job (long story short). What affected me more was the post fallout response in the world of blogging. It is it fair to say a mass amount of female writers instantly jumped on the feminist bandwagon and cried out in uproar, too easily playing the jaded woman card. Women writers that I aspire to be like, that I read and am inspired by daily suddenly irritated me with the big 'who ha' over how since we have lost a female role model, what will happen to all the little girls of the world now that the only female reign of power has ceased?

See I think that's incorrect. It was wonderful to see the world progress to a position that could have a female leading the country- purely because it was a first. But from what I know, she wasn't doing a fabulous job and lost her footing to have yes, a man come back to take the rightful role. Why, are the women of Oz all in a rage that now the future generations suddenly have no role model? Who follows a role model that simply, was not doing a great job? It is all well and good to hold the title of a very powerful job- but if you are not getting the job done then existing in that role in the wrong ways is hardly something to aspire to. 

Personally, (and remember this post is entirely my personal opinion-someone who does not know liberal from labour) I think role models are an amazing thing, and if you are seeking for that extra zest in your life to encourage you to reach your dreams - you seek out a role model that helps you get there. Which could be the checkout girl at Kmart, a male writer, it could be a female colleague, a male public personality, it could be a pop star and it could be a female politician. Regardless of your hopes and dreams if you find someone to inspire you, then they will still do that. I don't believe just because a women no longer leads this country that now all future women will fall to pieces without such a public figure to look up to. I find it a little ye olde that we still feel the need to so publicly bang on and fight this battle of mars vs venus. If someone is right for the job, and will get the job done successfully then so be it. I don't think that we suddenly need to strive to have females hold all the top roles in the universe just so the rest of us sistahs can have something to 'aspire' to.

For me, I have multiple role models in both the female and male form from a BROAD range of skills that inspire me daily. Roxy Jacenko, Zoe Foster Blake, Gala Darling, Asher Keddie, Jessica Rudd, Kerri Sackville, My Mum, my three female cousins, and my female team mates at work.

1/ 2/ 3/ 4

 + Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, My Dad, My Uncle, many male bosses/colleagues I've had, Ian Kenny, Dave Hosking and many, many male musicians that inspire me with just one lyric of their music.

1 /2 /3 /4

I think it's wrong that we are sending out the message to the little girls of disappointment, of resenting men, of 'oh that's a pity now we no longer have a female prime minister all the dreams shall die out a little all simply because a man leads the way instead of a female'. Why should it be any different based on gender? As long as we are striving for equality across then genders then if a little girl has the dream to one day lead the country - then that dream should exist and be inspired by the people who have reached that role, who get the job done successfully. Not rest on the ideal of waiting to see a female get there first, that you could only ever achieve your goal if another female gets there first.

Go out on your own, find your own role model in any way, shape, form or sex. Find the magic in whatever it is that lights the spark within you to motivate you to make the most of your life and be the best at what you do. Don't wait for a public figure to set the tone for what you can achieve. Maybe the power a male holds in a certain role could inspire you to get that for yourself?

If equality is to be reached then step out and achieve what makes you feel powerful and great at life- don't wait to be led into your dream, jump into it headfirst yourself!

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