Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Music Mayhem

This morning I was trapped between three musical maniacs. Not in the modern form of the young, rowdy loud ipod irrit, but these three were old school classical music lovers and weren’t afraid to publicly show it.

For 50 minutes I had the privilege of being amongst this matinee performance of enthusiastic - honest - to - god  - cracking up in stitches, over how so and so’s finger positioning was wrong on the clarinet, it should have be on C not B- ooh the giggles!

And I didn’t realise Les Miserable’s was a movie and I was wondering how they got all these actors to show up, then someone told me (oh how could you not know you hilarious man, what a riot!!??)- oh em gee!!

They way he played that baby grand unaccompanied was breath taking (all loudly suck in breath in awe)

She performed a violin solo that went do do do lo lo la li la la- magnificent!!

Oh yes my friends, this mornings train ride was madness I tell you, just madness!!

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