Sunday, 20 July 2014

One Night In Bangkok


Earlier on this year I had an express getaway to the land of Asia. In a sentence, it was such an eye opening life changer for me. For those who know me, my holiday style is not normally one of roughing it, literally I would be the first to complain about no wifi in my hotel room so on booking this adventure, my word I was anxious at how I'd cope - but to my delight I flourished!

I am not sure if it was just gaining that sense of global perspective that is sometimes unclear to remember when in Sydney but I enjoyed every second of it and would gladly go back to explore more of this insane place. The first stop was Bangkok:
  • Temples that were so intricately designed and the rules to access so unfathomably strict
  • The first taste of riding in flimsy tuk tuk taxis to get from A to B, bartering with no chance in hell of knowing if you've scored a good deal or not
  • The air thick yet inviting as you become accustomed to the constant wave of heavy heat working against your hair and makeup, having to just decide to embrace it as the norm 1 hour into landing here 
  • The raw mayhem and pure magic of the infamous Khao San Road where I really was (self) inducted into One Night In Bangkok traditions! I loved just wandering the street late at night, seeing all the characters, the locals and the tourists ( you could also clearly pick any fellow Shire traveler which was amusing), the instant friends we made, the street food and the whole atmosphere was just travel at its purest form - something I had never experienced before..

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