Saturday, 11 August 2012

Co Co Coachella

Whilst I previously woe'd about Splendour I feel I should take the good with the bad. I missed out on Splendour, however 2012 did take me to Coachella which you know, ain't that bad.

Nutritious brekkie to start the day

                                                      Rockstar antics

Colourful magic scattered everywhere                                                                             

Florence and the Machine, Avicii, Nero, The Black Keys, Snoop, Santigold and Calvin Harris were absolute stand outs
The vibe at Coachella is unlike any festival in Oz that I have ever been to- and I've been to many. It was very calm, mellow, the crowd were so polite. There was never any pushing, only kind stepping aside to let a little fella like myself through. No one seemed to be off their head, everyone was just there to enjoy the music which is really what the festival circuit is all about. 

To go to Coachella every year would be the dream!

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