Tuesday, 28 August 2012

High ExPETations

I was on the train this morning across from a pet lover. Listening, like most train eavesdropping at no choice of my own, to her describe how her puppy scratched at her door and how funny it was. Don't get me wrong, I am partial to the cutest of animals, I get sad when I hear about animal cruelty, I plan to have a token puppy when I grow up and I constantly remind myself how I'd love to get involved in some animal groups to protect the marine life and elephants to be specific. But what I am, and I'll happily admit this, is that I am desensitised to people and their pets. I personally do not own a pet, I have done and each pet has accidentally had it's time of earth finalised quicker than expected. I'm sure I could make the standard nine lives of a cat go down to just the one within a year of owning it. (Disclaimer: Again, all accidental, not because I live in a dark room and get joy from torturing pets)

Now my beef with pet owners is the story telling that comes with owning a pet. I find every pet story is more of a 'you had to be there kind'. When I hear someone explaining how Rover was running rounds in circles and chasing his tail and then he saw a bird and barked, I get a glazed look, zone out and appropriately nod and laugh in the right places. What I'm really thinking is 'oh my god, who cares?'

At most, I can listen happily to someone talk of how they are getting a pet or if a pet has passed and share their grief, I am still human after all. But there is nothing worse than a pet owner gushing over how Fluffy was nuzzling up against them and then fell asleep on the pillow and oh how amusing it was for everyone! No, no it was only amusing for you.

I just don't get it. Or when you ask, how was your weekend and you get in response oh it was ok, ooh you should've been there when I was watching TV and Polly began to repeat everything she heard, it was hilarious! Was it? I wouldn't know- because I wasn't there, and unless you are there, pet stories just hold no ground in conversation with people! A pet is for the home, and for the love and joy of the owners, it is not a hot topic of the day to be shared with people that have no connection to your pet whatsoever. Unless you're pet is a giraffe- then that would be a story I'd listen to!
*Generic pet names come complementary with this post

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