Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dot Points

As the new year looms my head is doing a mental clean out and prepping itself for what could be in store. One thing I have decided is that everything from my past will stay in the past and not come into 2013. By ‘everything’ I mean da boys.

Looking back this year has been a year that extracts the sound ‘pifssshhhpossfffhhh’ from my mouth, similar to the sound of exasperated air leaving my body. Life for me is never dull, I admit when the oober original question ‘and are there any boys in your life?’  is asked, I do always have some sort of humourous/dramatic/never-ending stooorrryyy to tell. However, I am B-O-R-E-D!! The boys of this year’s past are what I refer to as 'time fillers'. I feel like it’s the Universe dropping them into my life like a puppet-master dangling strings and teasing saying ‘how bout this one? No? Ok fine cause it wasn’t happening anyway’. 

To give a better picture to those outside my inner circle who have not yet enjoyed the 2012 Chronicles of Leeshs' boys here is a brief dot pointed summary:
  •  Started the year with Smokey Joe who although was a very nice boy, and had all the same future dreams and values as me, was also not without the cancer stick in hand and turns out, this is something I do not value.

  •   Took myself off to the US of A for a getaway and had the token Vegas hookup with a nice English boy, again nothing really wrong with this one, mesmorized by the goddess gal that is Leesh, he immediately offered to come to Sydney for me, and took all forms of communication deets off me i.e facebook, email and US phone number. (Ok this one was my fault, growing up in the shelter of the Shire doesn’t really equip you for knowing how to deal with an international admirer).

  •  A continual facebook (romance at its best), texting and casual hang out relationship with The One Who Got Away from ghosts of boyfriends past- but me thinks this one should remain The One Who Got Away (which was a nice discovery actually that knowing I will not die wondering)

  •  An annoying Will They, Won’t They Situation with long term best friend. Still annoying and without conclusion (although again, a lot my fault for being indecisive and holding onto a distant fantasy of finding someone new, on my own without relying on the ol textbook besty to step in)

  • The odd innocent/inappropriate crush on my part with boys on trains, lift boys, office building boys and older men- generally amounting to a facebook status.

  • The "reoccurrings": random repeat offenders with no progress, or purpose other than being a funny confusing 'what the' story.  Some of these are the usual phone happy handful of Shire boys who turn to Old Faithful Leesh for the odd texty text, upon what motivations I have no clue (a drop of the alco sweet stuff might play a part) but you gotta give props for consistency, and spare a thought to what on earth made them message me? (again, probs just the liquid courage)

Yes, my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, and the above tends to read a little like scenes from many a rom com movies yet the movie has not ended and I am fairly unimpressed with this years events.

I do wonder after past woes, having become very self aware, stopped caring so much, and established my standards accepting nothing less, I am now making my own life until some One comes along and can even better my life and self- is that to romanticised?

The boys of The Shire are fun, visually delightful and have a lifestyle and personality that I am more so inclined towards, but is that ye old catch 22 of the south- how many fish can you throw back in the sea? The boys of 2012 have been amusing/time filling but in no way take me breath away-ish.

In reflection, this year I have also experienced new levels of happiness is surrounding myself with some really good female eggs; gigging, DJ Leesh-ing, dancing retro and enjoying laughter and ‘virtual’ affection with my soul sistah lady friends and that in itself has been amazing and proven that I Don’t Need A Man to make me happy. (semi cringe at the single lady anthem just there but you get the point)

Hence, in 2013 none of these dot points are coming with me and I vow to continue through enjoying a focus on my career and loving life with my lady friends by my side. When and if, the Universe decides to give me something worth excitement, well then, I will be well and truly grateful for the Lucky Lad (and he will be my Squishy and I shall call him Squishy)

·    *  Kelis, Pussycat Dolls, and Nemo references all for your enjoyment

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