Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Inspired by this Decor8 post I thought why not ask myself the following questions and get in the festive spirit!

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas to me is all about enjoying friends and family. In particular at mid twenties I am finding more and more importance in developing my own traditions and customs to do each Christmas, I love a Christmas catch up with friends, going to the Carols and then spending Christmas with my fam and lazing around on Boxing Day. I love Christmas movies; Elf, Miracle on 34th St and Love Actually. I love the feeling of giving, making people feel loved and happy and buying gifts for all my loved ones, I love a last minute shop to enjoy the Christmas mania and then I love buying myself the odd treat as well!

What doesn’t Christmas mean to you?

A cold wintery day!

What three dream items would you love to be gifted with this year?

Hmm that’s a tough one, “dream” items would be a trip to an island destination, with a great companion, I would LOVE an apartment of my own and I would actually love to speed up time so I could get Pitch Perfect on dvd!! (I’m guessing I would have to be super good for Santa to give the above!)

What are some special things that you do with your family and friends this time of year?

Each Christmas Eve I celebrate locally with friends which I really enjoy, being all dressed up and seeing people you wouldn’t usually see as often as you like, wishing each other well and feeling the holiday spirit. Later on I also enjoy going to my aunty’s house where tradition has it that we celebrate with a Dutch midnight supper, and that’s always a nice spot of calm in the middle of the mayhem. (I still look out for Santa's sleigh in the sky on the drive home -young at heart much?) Christmas day is generally at our house which also makes me feel festive, seeing my Dad get excited to theme it and Mum prepare all the food and just generally being the hosts to everyone’s enjoyment. I used to always love going to my counsins house on Boxing Day as well for a swim and a chilled out family bbq to unwind.
What will you do on Christmas?

This year Christmas is at my cousins house so I will enjoy being able to relax and play with the little cousin’s, laugh with the elder cousin’s and catch up with the family over nommy food!

What is your favourite food to eat this time of year and why?

I love the abundance of salads at the Christmas do, as well as the yummy desserts whether it be a pudding or a pav! And the lead up to Christmas I definitely eat my fair share of Christmas ham.
What memory do you associate with Christmas the most?

I remember one year I had eaten pizza the night before, probably over ate, and then threw it all up on Christmas morning in the reindeers water bowl! It was a fair few years afterwards that I decided I was no longer ‘allergic’ to pizza and the love fest began again! Our Christmas morning is always very traditional to the Bourke family, we wake up and do our presents, usually to the Hi 5 christmas soundtrack, our nan used to stay over the night before as well and then Father Bourke gets in the kitchen and does a massive brunch. I love how the day has a global happy feel to it, the sun shines and everyone is feeling love, peaceful and relaxed! I think the best words to describe Christmas are magical, love and family/friends.
New Year’s Resolutions! What are your goals for 2013?

I actually have a few that I am so focused on achieving this coming year. Numero Uno is I am very excited to continue to work my butt off to finallymake my career dream of becoming a marketer a reality. Two is to get on top of my finances and finish the year with some dollarz in the ol bankaroo and three is to continue to be creative and explore new learning opportunities, enjoy my single life and everyday be grateful for the little things.

That’s my Christmas thoughts. Wishing everyone a healthy, festively plump Christmas break and hope your New Year kick starts with fireworks, bangin beats, lots of love and a drop of the sweet stuff





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