Sunday, 27 July 2014

All My Loving

Whilst this post is of a more personal nature, I want you to read it and hopefully have it resonate somewhere within you if you have ever had a little heartache brought on by someone who 'you thought was different', someone you trusted and ultimately someone you completely let yourself be vulnerable to.

I'm at a very transitional time in my life, a time where I am SO SO aware of every thought and every action. Recently, I was hit with a few roadblocks all at once and by gosh it took the wind out of my sails. When your love life goes amiss, and your treasured work haven turns upside down, it truly becomes hard to find your feet and a sense of purpose when the things that made you smile have gone to shit.

I am a big believer in finding the lessons in things. Are you?
With my topsy turvy dose of what I can only describe as emotional hell lately, the kind where people close to you are the ones causing these negative headspace and yucky feelings, to be honest I just am not sure of what this lesson is and I certainly have spent my fair share of time considering the 'but why's' of it all - this kind of self torture doesn't help anyone, least of all me.

I cant speak for others actions, nor can I find the answers by re-living the hurts so what I AM going to do instead, is choose to move forward, I am choosing light and choosing not to dwell in the little holes left by these men, friends and exes, because I know they will be filled one day and I also am going to choose to treasure the moments of light I did have with them.

So sending you all love.

  • I wish you and your girlfriend happiness in your new home
  • I wish your career well and that your times with the boys bring you happiness
  • I send you love to your new life overseas and the adventures you are having
  • I am proud you have accepted your true self and cant wait to watch your journey as the real you continues
  • I hope that you find the girl that makes you honest and accountable
  • I hope that you stop being tempted to stray from your partner. I hope that you be a better boyfriend
  • I hope your travels are magical
  • I really hope, that people will get to see the side of you I knew, loved and adored. I hope they get to feel the way you helped me feel. Even if I don't get to be there with you anymore, I hope that I encouraged you to continue to keep being a better person, to think through your actions and to believe in yourself as a good person. I hope the important people see you do that.
  • I hope you find what you're looking for, I hope the moments you had with me were nice. 
  • I am sorry to those that I have hurt, I hope in my times of feeling unsure I haven't left anyone too broken, and in the same sense, I hope that my role in your lives helped redirect you all to where you need to be.
My advice for you, the reader - send them love. The past is done, the future cannot be controlled so live in the present and offer your well wishes as a present in the NOW. Go on, try it - put some magical love into the world whether you are receiving it or craving it, be the person spreading some lovely energy out into the world, that's the best you can do so do it well xx


  1. Love this post. I find it hard to write candidly but I'm glad you did. Amazing. xx