Sunday, 31 August 2014

Siem Reap Reaps Amazement

Let's be honest, other peoples' holidays are shiiiiiite so if you don't enjoy a good temple, sunrise or food shot then look away now because this is what I'm bringing you from my earlier travels to Cambodia this year. Looking at these holiday snaps makes my heart yearn to go away somewhere again. A timely reminder, I think, to never underestimate what a good getaway can do for your mind, heart and soul.

Nonetheless please enjoy a snippet of Cambodia, this mystical place full of beautiful, happy people. So poor yet always smiling and approachable and caring. The stillness of Angkor Wat temples, the absolute rarity of experiencing calmness combined with wide eyed wonder as I watched that hot ball of fire rise up over such an ancient structure. The photo-bombing talents of my sister. Young children at 'work' selling whatever they can, with the finance skills of Mark Bouris - if they cannot afford school uniforms they do not get an education. Unbelievable. Also young children around the age of 8 balancing babies and responsibility on their hips like a true mother - this concept of cultural difference blew me away. The simplicity of transport, so ridiculous yet efficient. The stark personality contrast between my sister and I, as I had a Sydney style mental breakdown at being lost in a tuk tuk in the backstreets while she giggled it away, taught me to keep perspective (yet hopefully taught her not to trust 12 year old boy drivers in foreign countries so easily!).
Pub Street, my absolute favourite venture as we received $3 massages whilst having a beer and enjoying wifi, our pretty rogue night out at this street party where I had a surreal moment of being a part of hundreds of people from around the world all uniting in some Gangnam style dancing and drinking out of buckets. Buckets that left me sobbing the next day over my tombstone reading 'death in Asia' (didn't die, just a bad hangover FYI).

Pure magic.

Authentic as!

Traditionally awkward...

For mummy dearest - the tree aficionado 
Cheesy fries...

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  1. Oh wow, Cambodia looks absolutely spectacular. I'd love to go one day - add it to the list, I suppose...!