Sunday, 24 August 2014

Single In Sydney

As winter fully sets I find  myself really investing in my Single in Sydney behaviours. Want to know what these include?

  • No leg shaving or moisturizing
  • Ben & Jerry's Phish Food...all the time + getting it on my dressing gown but continuing to wear gown for a few more rotations 
  • Fridays and Saturday nights in with mum and dad
  • Reading magazines all day
  • Not getting changed out of my pjs on the weekends
  • Hours of TV series
  • Entire days spent shopping and pampering oneself
  • Many a train ride gazing at males daydreaming ideal meeting on public transport success scenarios (yet flinching and whipping my head in opposite direction when we accidentally make eye contact = smooooth)
  • Burning smelly candles for hours
  • Living amongst my clothes as it's too cold to tidy up
  • No makeup, no bras, no brushed hair, month old nail polish on my toes
  • Boredom sessions on Tinder (but ignoring any points of contact)
  • Watching my succulents grow like they were my children
  • Buying outfits to wear on potential nights out (yet opting to stay in most weekends)
  • Eating on a wicker tray so as to avoid getting crumbs in my bed
  • Using the boyfriend side of my bed as a desk/storage/bookshelf/wardrobe
  • Social media. Work and personal channels. All. the. time. 
  • Napping
  • Listening to festivals on the radio. From my bed.

W.O.W if that doesn't inspire you I don't know what else will!

I would say I am in a routine funk but I'm actually pretty happy thriving in my indoor child behaviours. When the weather warms up perhaps motivation will return to make oneself useful on the weekends but for now, bring on another packet of Tim Tams (and mum, hurry up with the gown wash)!

How are you thriving in hibernation this Winter? Can you beat me?

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