Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I am freaking out. Filtering through my usual mountain of daily blogs I subscribe to, I just read a fellow bloggers post over at Desserts for Breakfast and I quote "I celebrated my last mid-20s birthday. (Next year, I officially enter my "Late 20s," which is terrifying, given all that I haven't yet accomplished!) "

I turn the ripe old 25 in nearly a month's time and until five minutes ago I was feeling pretty excited about it. A huge part of the reason being that I love my birthday with as much fanfare as an MTV reality star would celebrate their birthday with. Age is just a number. 16th August is a day that I was brought into the world and should be acknowledged with gusto each year. Madonna was also born on this day. Elvis died on this day. Need I say more about how amazing this date each year is?

Until, I read that. 25 looks fundamentally life changing, what a transition phase! Next year though, I am no longer a spring chicken, I now become a "late twenties" and that makes me wonder what the world on the other side of fresh brings?

Should I be pondering my life to date? As stated previously, I definitely had my quarter life crisis at 21 so that's done and dusted and presently, I feel calm and content. Could it be calm before the storm? Or could it be calm before a whirlwind of new? Hmm lots to think about, perhaps in the meantime I will just bake my thoughts and put them in this cake.

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  1. Trust me - it's not all that bad on the "other side of fresh". And that cake looks god damn amazing. Please save some for me.