Wednesday, 3 October 2012

SOS Save Our Skin!

In a past life I was a make up artist. Or at least attempted to be. At the root of that fork in my career path I maintain a high interest in new products and runway looks in the make up world. In my current life, I have a shopping addiction and a weakness at the knees for all things advertising. Hence today’s random product recommendation. I think its nice to give credit where it is due: from me- the good Samaritan, to you- my good deed.

Clearasil Blackhead Clearing Scrub

This literally scrubs the skin in the most gentlest form I have ever experienced. I use it morning and night and you can instantly see the removal of all the daily grime. It does not aggravate the skin nor does it leave it feeling tight due to the conditioning moisturiser in the product, and nor do the beads fizzle away before you can rub them in a circular motion. You only need the smallest amount and it prepares your entire face for the rest of the cleaning process. It is just a damn good scrub!

Nivea Cleansing Mousse

I follow with Nivea's latest product seen regularly in this months weekly mags, and dare I say it, but it actually works! You can feel the product cleansing your skin, the light foam spreads easily around your face and leaves you with a deeply fresh, clean feeling to your skin. It would have to be one of the first facial cleansing products I have used that felt soft and left my skin feeling healthy, without that plastic shine look to it.

So go on, do your self a favour and if you’re in the market for some supermarket skin care savings, hop on the bandwagon.

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