Wednesday, 7 November 2012


As a single lady the most given piece of advice I receive is 'when it's right, you'll know' and 'it won't take work, it will just happen'. What baffles me about love is that the people who are in these relationships, only know that once you have it. If you are on the other side of the fence you have no clue. Lately I have been pondering this fact on the relationships around me.

For example, Doting Doris met her fiance on a blind date thus proving the tried and tested theory of 'once in a blue moon' and with similar family, height and values, they are happily engaged. They have it.

Affectionate Antoinette was in a four year relationship with a good friend of mine, one of those couples that are just adorkable and you think suit each other so well. But things went downhill, bad and fast. No sooner had this cherub fallen from the love nest then in swooped a lovely Prince, and now THEY are a couple that you can only hope to be like and ridiculously perfect, their deep love and respect for each other oozes out in their presence. They have it.

Glorious Gloria is in a relationship with her true equal, same interests, same style and same beautiful personality. They have it.

Long term Lucinda had her heart broken by her love. But then fate intervened and like a true Prince he spent the better part of a year making it up to her and now as simple as that, they too have it.

But then I have friends like these:

Chasing Cheryl who instead of hanging out for that true soulmate, just wants a relationship for the sake of having ownership on someone and devotes all of herself to giving up everything for these boys. Every man met is an instant lover and all else is forsaken in the chase for claiming the Frog.

Passive Patty who is so blind to what she has had to sacrifice for her relationship, that she still stands by her man and at the peak of putting up with less than average treatment, still troops on, whether through a belief he can change or whether she too, just needs a man, I am not sure.

Fix-it Fern who persists with a completely unavailable married man, pours her own money into helping him out, loses so many personal identifying things and still devotes herself to this man. In between, she also devotes herself to men of similar calibre to fill the need to take care of someone. She just does not get it.

I too have been known to have many a crazy lady moment but it does make me wonder how come the rational lady cannot shine until she is in a settled relationship? I suppose the answer is because of the 'journey' and that's all fine and dandy. When you have it, you have it, things are clear, they are meant to be and it just works. But until then, all the singles and the should-be-singles will send that drunk texty text, they will justify every dodge piece of manly behaviour, they carry around the emergency makeup kit so they can look casually hot, they will wait 16.23 minutes to coolly reply to a message and they will sit on his facebook page monitoring his actions.

LOVE indeed, works in mysterious ways.

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