Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Take A Picture

Better late than never, but LAST weekend I had the pleasure of being able to partake in a Blog Photography Workshop hosted by my always inspiring marketing/blogging mentor, colleague and friend Jaclyn over at Little Paper Trees along with the wise photographer guru Emma of Emma Scamell Photography.

This class was such a lovely way to spend my Saturday, learning the skills that don't necessarily come along easily once you invest in the wanky pro camera. An intimate setting with fun classmates, cute, colourful decor and a nommy lunch PLUS a surprise discount to shop downstairs at
Little Paper Lane made the classroom environment one that you could go to every weekend! Below are some of the snaps that I took- I'm addicted and can't wait until the next class (and coffee).



*this one was an accident of testing how far I could take a setting but it turned out to be my favourite shot!
**Annnnd I have literally only just twigged that this 'SNAP' might have meant like the snap of a camera shutter- ohhhhhhhh...I get it now!


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