Saturday, 10 November 2012

Matchbox Hunter

Hello hello! Last weekend I escaped to the Hunter Valley with a couple of girlfriends to stay at the Crowne Plaza and make the journey over to Hope Estate to watch a trifecta of Evermore, INXS and Matchbox Twenty. As a child of the 90's following in my older cooler cousin's footsteps, I was always partial to abit of Rob Thomas (visual treat via link), I may have even started my own one instrument band with my 'own' songs that sounded very similar to that of Matchbox's catalogue just with different lyrics. Now as an adult and avid lover of all things beats, I need to make a public declaration of how underrated Matchbox Twenty are! They were AMAZING, FAULTLESS and for the past week I have had their music, new and old on repeat. If they come back to Oz again my Lord I will be chasing them on tour!


As you can see after such a lovely day relaxing and enjoying abit of the old Cessnock township, once the gig started and the wine flowed (abit too easily being a winery-when in Rome...) there was nothing left to do but enjoy the tunes and the *scenery* (lust after Rob Thomas).Oh babehhhhh it's 3am....  

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